It’s rare to get a teen movie that is absolutely hilarious, yet also has a valuable message and is completely relatable. This film is a rare gem!

First of all, in regards to casting, the director did brilliantly. Robbie Amell and Mae Whitman had great chemistry and didn’t even look like they were acting most of the time, as well as completely cracking me up when they were both together and apart. The rest of the cast was also really good and managed to properly capture the essence of being a teenager in 2015. The only thing that disappointed me in this regard was the fact that Jess and Casey, Bianca’s best friends get so little screen time. Both of the actress were great however we barely got the opportunity to see them. My only complaint for this film was how Bianca’s friends were dropped at the beginning to make space for Wesley and then picked back up at the end for the happily ever after. The other thing that slightly irked me was Madison.

The production of the movie was really unique and modern. I loved how it started with Mae Whitman’s voice over explaining high school and it’s labels whilst introducing us to the main characters. The fact that this was done using hash tags and set out to look like social media was really clever and reflected how highschool has changed to make way for labels like ‘DUFF’. The soundtrack and production really reflected what it’s like to be a teenager nowadays.