The first thing I have to say is that I absolutely adore Bianca and can relate to her so much as I am the sarcastic, cynical one out my friends and have at times felt like the DUFF (as I’m sure everyone has). However at the same time Bianca infuriated me by making stupid decisions, she kept sleeping with Wesley as a way of distracting herself from her problems and she ignores her friends. However the fact that I can feel these two emotions simultaneously proves what an amazing author Kody Keplinger is. Bianca is one of the best, most real female characters I have read about, as she doesn’t suffer at all from being too perfect and isn’t always strong or smart or beautiful like many heroines nowadays.

The other thing I loved about Bianca and the novel in general is her REAL relationships with REAL people. Yes, she messed up. Yes, they messed up. But they still cared about each other which is what counts. I found Bianca’s relationship with her parents to be really interesting because she didn’t get along with them unrealistically perfectly all the time and they also weren’t completely unmentioned, absentee parents which are a common theme in YA nowadays because apparently parents are just too much hassle. Her relationship with her two best friends was really great as well because she didn’t ditch them completely when the boy came along but they did have issues with honesty and secrets which I must confess is something I particularly relate to as I have had problems with this among my friends in the past.

At first I wasn’t really a big fan of all the sex in the box, however part way through I realised if Kody Keplinger really wants to teenage life, she has show all aspects, not just the socially acceptable ones. Although at times it bordered on being way too much information, I felt like it really represented teenage sexuality in a frank, honest non stereotyped manner that wasn’t at all slut shaming like can often be seen when dealing with sex in YA. The main female character in YA is traditionally as pure as snow and has little to no experience, so a character that had sexual experience and had messed up in that area was surprisingly refreshing. This was something I hadn’t even realised the YA community was lacking.

Definitely a five star novel! ★★★★★

PS A film review and then book to film comparison is to follow!