Juniper, Jasper and Lenny have been friends forever and co-own a vlog channel called WereVloggingHere. Their fans are huge “shippers” who believe that Juniper and Jasper are perfect for each other, and, despite warnings from friends and family, a Truth-or-Dare inspired kiss soon spirals out of control into a whole new world of making out and surprise kisses.

Juniper and Japer’s relationship begins to shift. But as fan requests for different “Kiss Cam” segments keep pouring in, Juniper puts her worries aside and convinces herself that it doesn’t mean anything. After all, it’s just kissing… right?

Welcome! Today I would like to introduce you to Kiara London, the Wattpad author who wrote Kiss Cam (blurb above).  Here’s a quick author biography written by her.

kiss cam

Kiara London is currently living and attending high school in Wausau, Wisconsin with plans to join the Air Force after graduation and hopefully live abroad. She started writing on the online writing site Booksie when she was thirteen. She has since transferred to Wattpad where she gained the attention of over 18,000 followers. She spends most of her time swimming endless laps for the local swim team, scrolling down Tumblr between classes, attempting to read a book that does not pertain to her English class, and drooling over fictional men.

What are some of your favourite books on Wattpad?

I don’t really read on Wattpad, but did like these ones a lot:
Ella Was (Short Story) by Lyssade
Puck Bunny by defend
No Sparks Required by Noelle (mendlering)
Bad Enough for You by berceuses
Less than Perfect by littlebirdie_
It Takes Two to Tango by MaddieGrey

What are some of your favourite books off Wattpad?

Any book series (Harry Potter, Hunger Games, A Game of Thrones…)
Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian
Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Nevermor by Lani Lenore
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Lord of the Flies by William Goulding
and anything by Lemony Snicket

How long have you been writing/ on Wattpad?
According to Wattpad, I’ve been a writer here for two years—but I’m coming up on three pretty quick.

Why do you like Wattpad?
Wattpad is a good creative outlet for me. Not only that, but I like the social atmosphere. I love communicating with my readers and seeing what they think. Wattpad has given me a lot of opportunities and I don’t think I’d be quite the same if I hadn’t joined the community.

How do you get ideas for your stories?

I take inspiration from everywhere. An idea, song, picture, emotion, social issue…whatever. It helps that I’m a vivid daydreamer. I see my books like a movie in my head

Which scene from your books did you enjoy writing the most?

I enjoy writing scenes where everything falls apart. I don’t know why. When I was younger, I always killed characters off. I think I just like the reaction. So, when it comes to creating more emotionally dense scenes, I find them more enjoyable to write. For instance, the scene in Kiss Cam where June and Jasper talk after New Year’s and she takes the necklace off of him; or, the scene in 100 Days with Grace where Grace breaks down and admits she’s scared.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

This is going to sound so incredibly cheesy, but never give up on yourself. Write what you love, even if everyone else hates it. If you’ve got writers block, try different methods that will force you to write. It’s better to get down complete crap than nothing at all—because you can work with crap, but you can’t work with nothing. If you feel like maybe you just aren’t cut out for writing, try a different angle, work from a different perspective. We’ve all got unique writing styles. Some are just harder to manipulate, that’s all. Also, stop worrying about reads, votes, and comments. Stop worrying about being the most popular writer on Wattpad because you’ve used every over-used cliché. It means nothing. Quality is always more preferable.

What is your favourite thing about writing?

I’m not very emotional in real life, and writing tends to be more of an emotional occupation. So, it’s a stress reliever, I think. Keeps me from bottling everything up and exploding. Even if the emotions aren’t relevant to me, it relieves some of the pressure.
I live in my head. This is how I clean the clutter.

One of your books is going to be published, how did that work/happen?

Alright, so Kiss Cam is being published in 2016. This happened because I took a chance on Swoon Reads and uploaded Kiss Cam there. I had so many publishing requests on Wattpad, but I was convinced it would never happened—however, I didn’t want to look like I didn’t care, or I wasn’t trying for my readers. So, to humor them, I uploaded Kiss Cam to Swoon. A couple months later, I got an email, which led to a phone call, which ended in a book deal. It was so surreal, and it still hasn’t really sunk in, yet.

Would you recommend Wattpad?

Yes, I would 100% recommend Wattpad. I can’t see my life without it, to be honest. I mean, I’ve gone on hiatus, but I always come back. If you’re an aspiring author, there’s no reason not to start building a fanbase and a collection of stories that could possibly end up published. If you don’t take a chance, you’ll never get the reward.

How has your writing developed/ how do you think Wattpad has helped you improve as a writer?

Oh dear god, my old writing….what a train wreck. To be honest, I am still a bit of a mess when it comes to my writing. It has gotten better, though. When you get the opportunity to read and study other people’s stories, it really helps. As other writers grow, you do too—I mean, you’ve got to keep up. I went from being all dialogue, to implementing setting and feelings and all that other lovely stuff. Just writing and practicing and having Wattpad as an outlet guarantees that you’ll improve. Being open to critiques and opinions can do wonders, as well.

Have you had any criticism/unkindness and if so how did you deal with that?

I guess I can’t say I have never dealt with that before, but it hasn’t been particularly memorable. I experience more criticism on Swoon than I do on Watt. On Wattpad, people are there for the story. If I make a typo, someone will point it out and then I’ll fix it. But, nobody has ever been like “I hate you and your sh*tty writing! You suck!”
I think if that ever did happen, though, I would just delete the comment. I wouldn’t want to look at it, and I wouldn’t want other people piling on or just starting a giant sh*tstorm, to be honest. So, yeah, get rid of it as soon as possible. It reflects more on them, than on you. Ignore it.

Anything else you would like to add?

Haha, uhm, well, if you want more information on me, you can visit this link: Otherwise, that’s it. Good luck to all aspiring writers! Plan lots, write lots, daydream lots! Thanks for reading!

Thank you so much Kiara!