I have finally plucked up the courage to participate in one of these Beautiful People Link Ups, having sat back and admired them from afar for quite a while. Today is National Sibling Day (April 10th) and to honour this, the link up is sibling themed, which is extremely appropriate as my WIP features three siblings.

Before we start, it’s probably a good plan to introduce you to my novel Burn which I am currently publishing on Wattpad and I’m about 10 chapters in. The current blurb is:

Ember is a phoenix. Despite her vivid red hair and her ability to control fire, Ember sees herself as a remarkably quiet and overall uninteresting person. However, when she joins a boarding school packed full with humans, poor Ember is unaware of the dangers that lurk in the shadows. She is more caught up in finding out the peculiar secrets of her fellow student, Zale. After all, she has always liked a good puzzle. But what happens when you’re faced with multiple puzzles, and you begin to lose the pieces? Faced with a problem that threatens not only herself but the people she cares for, Ember asks Zale for help. The only thing is, after being caught up in everyone else’s secrets, Ember has forgotten her own. And that’s the last thing that Ember needs when she’s surrounded by an endless number of riddles just waiting to attack.

Ember is 16 and has two older brothers, Aidan (aged 19) and Adar (aged 21). Aidan is the more joking and laid back of the two and is the one she is closer to, whereas Adar is more serious due the fact he is first in line for the throne.

1. What is the first memory they have of each other?
Both Adar and Aidan can remember holding tiny baby Ember in their arms and falling in love for the first time and vowing to always protect her.
2. Describe their relationship in 3 words.
Loyal, Joking and loving
3. What kind of things do they like to do together?
They do a lot of things together because they live together and are children of the King and Queen meaning their pool of friends are miniscule so they are stuck with each other.
4. What was their biggest fight?
I think their biggest fight is going to occur over phone in the novel, but I’m not quite sure yet. Certainly ordinarily they don’t have particularly big fights
5. How far would they go to save each other?
Despite the fact that they are no strangers to sibling rivalries or arguments they would all do anything to save another. The boys in particular are very protective of Ember and like to keep her out of harm’s way often much to her annoyance.
6. What are their pet peeves about each other?
Since they all live together in the palace, it is the little things about them that can really infuriate the others. Aidan’s inability to clean or tidy anything annoys Adar whilst his insistence on everything being perfect frustrates Aidan. Ember’s refusal to listen to them even when what they are saying make sense annoys the boys while their babying of her annoys Ember.
7. What are their favorite things about each other?
Both Ember and Adar love Aidan’s ability to make them laugh and defuse intense or difficult situations with a bit of humour. Though they both mock him for it Ember and Aidan love how Adar always has a plan and his ability to think things through. Even though they tend to baby her a tad, both the boys love Ember and she never fails to make them smile.
8. What traits do they share? Mannerisms, clothing, quirks, looks, etc?
They all look quite similar physically, but also have an uncannily identical sense of humour. Aidan and Ember especially enjoy taking the mick out of and mimicking both Adar and their father.
9. Who has the strongest personality?
Personally I think they all have strong personalities but in different ways. Adar is natural leader who is very confident and sporty, whilst Aidan is the joker who makes everyone laugh. Ember is lees confident than her brothers, but has a sharp wit and is extremely stubborn.
10. How does their relationship change throughout your story?
Ember goes away from her brothers for the first time in this story and then she asks Aidan to keep a very big and potentially dangerous secret from the rest of their family. this tests their realtionship in n3w ways and eventually Adar finds out too. The boys have to decide whether they want to keep Ember’s confidence or ensure her safety.