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To recognise the fact that today is Single’s Awareness Day (Or Valentine’s Day as some call it), I am going to be different and talk about some of my favourite single characters who are good friends. Haha! Not what you expected, huh? When I actually started to think about my favourite characters, I realised the majority of them had a girlfriend or boyfriend by the end of the book/series, so this was quite the challenge.

10. Prim (The Hunger Games)

Without revealing the ending, I will simply say that that Prim is almost as admirable as Katniss. She transforms from a weak and scared little girl to a strong and determined young woman who will fight for what she believes in and is a good as a doctor as any trained adult.

9. Isaac (The Fault in our Stars)

Though admittedly he starts the novel with a girlfriend, she is a witch with a capital B and dumps him pretty quickly. I love Isaac so much, he makes me laugh and is a good friend to both Hazel and Gus despite the fact that he has plenty of his own problems.

8. Minho (The Maze Runner)

Minho is hands down my favourite character in the Maze Runner Series, in fact he was pretty much the only character I really like. He is so sarcastic and always has to have the last word.

7. Nehemia (Throne of Glass)

Nehemia is just a really good friend to Celaena and despite the fact that she is a princess, she can stand up for herself and for her people. While physically she may not be a fighter, her intellect and determination may her one hell of an enemy,

6. Johanna Mason (The Hunger Games)

She don’t need no man to awesome. She’s definitely had some downs, but she keeps fighting. Her strength and stubbornness are unbelievable and seriously impressive.

5. Neville (Harry Potter)

I know in the epilogue we do see Neville married, but throughout the series, Neville never really has a girlfriend. Neville is just a good friend and is always there to support others. He also really steps up to the plate in the Deathly Hallows, where is that shy boy we once knew?

4. Tyson (Percy Jackson)

I feel like Tyson really doesn’t get enough love, he’s just so adorable. The way he just wants to help Percy and is so excited to have a brother, even when Percy initially rejects him. Bless him!

3. Dee (Obsidian)

I have only read the first book and I know she technically has a boyfriend, but Dee is such a good friend, she couldn’t not be included on this list. I think everybody deserves a friend who is as awesome as Dee.

2. Ari and Janco (Poison Study)

I know technically they are two separate people, but in my mind they are practically one person, you never see one without and the other and in the three books I have read, neither of them have a girlfriend. They make me laugh and are pretty ninja like fighters.

1. All of the boys from Catching Jordan

I know some of the boys are dating various people, but this team is such an awesome group of friends. Sure, they have their ups and downs, but at the end of the day, they are all there to support each other when it matters.

To celebrate a week of holiday off school, I am announcing a blog-a-thon on alwaysopinionatedgirl. This means I am going to post everyday for the next nine days. But before we all get excited about that, I had an impromptu and unexpected hiatus from blogging over the past two weeks. I’ve been really busy with school and went on a school trip meaning I had loads of work to catch up on. So I’m really sorry about that. Hopefully this will make up for that.

sorry gifSo some of the things I am planning on posting over the next week are:

  • Valentine’s Day Special
  • Alienated By Melissa Landers Review
  • Into the Woods Movie Review
  • Top Ten Tuesday
  • Addictive Blog Award
  • Versatile Blog Award
  • Wattpad Wonders Author Interview

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