After participating in various tags that I really enjoyed, I have decided to create my own. Basically you have to think of a book character for each letter in the name of your blog and then post the final acronym.

Ariadne Delos
Luna Lovegood
Will Herondale
Annabeth Chase
Yelena Zaltana
Sam Cortland
Peeta Mellark
Nehemia Ytger
Isabelle Lightwood
Opal Cown
Noah Hutchins
Augustus Waters
Tris Prioe
Emma Carstairs
Daemon Black
George Weasley

That was so difficult! I have way too many O’s and I’s in my blog name. Okay, so I tag:
Gwen at Gwenkate’s Library
Alyssa the literature nerd
Molly Mortensen at Woven Magic Books
The Writing Hufflepuff