Another book I absolutely loved because of the adorable romance and realistic characters. Both of the main characters had genuine personalities and real issues. Both had their own issues to try and solve, yet when they were together it was as if they could take on the world.

However it wasn’t all smooth sailing, initially they disliked each other due to unfair high school stereotypes. They both showed how cruel and unkind high school can be everyone, not matter how ‘cool’ or ‘popular’ people are. I absolutely love (and by love I mean hate in some cases). They are all so 3D, none of these annoying flat parents and friends that instantly become unimportant when the main character meets her love interest. Of course, you see all the characters through Echo’s and Noah’s POV, which makes it all the more interesting when they both realise that they are wrong and that the people they have villanised aren’t all bad, just like real life.

I recently listed Pushing the Limits as one of my top ten character driven novels and I think that’s what really makes this book great. I can’t wait to read more Katie McGarry novels.