1. Hogwarts
I know this is on everyone’s list but I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts. I have yet to get my Hogwarts letter but I remain faithful that it got lost in the post (for a very long time). Well, one can only hope!

2. Camp Half Blood
Again, a no brainer. Name one bad thing about Camp Half Blood (except for you know, the monsters). Ah ha! See you can’t! Worldest best summer camp, maybe not the safest but definitely the best. I am just waiting for my godly parent to claim me. Any day now…

3. Idris and the Institute
I would love to become an awesome ninja shadowhunter and the best place to learn how… Idris! Idris would be so cool, but if I can’t go there I guess I’ll settle for the Institute, preferably in New York or London, but I’m not picky.

4. Adarlan
This would be sooooooo cool! Admittedly probably pretty terrifying at the same time but none the less awesome. I would love to visit some of the places mentioned in the books, especially the glass castle and the desert.

5. Narnia
Who wouldn’t want to go to Narnia? Think of all the great friends you could make and all the adventures you could have. I am peering at the back of my wardrobe as I type in the hope I might finally find Narnia

6. Paris
I have been before, but reading Anna and the French kiss made me really want to go again as I may have mentioned in my review last week.

7. Amsterdam
Again like Paris I have been before, but reading The Fault in Our Stars made me want to go again, except this time preferably with my own Augustus Waters.

8. Dauntless Headquarters
The Dauntless headquarters are described so awesomely in the book so I really want to go. Unfortunately I don’t think I could make in dauntless so I think I’d have to settle with a visit as opposed to bring an initiate.

9. Victorian London
The Internal devices made me wish so bad that I could find travel back to Victorian London, which would be absolutely epic. I mean the cool dresses and gentleman whilst also kicking major demon butt.

10. The Capitol
I think it would be really cool just for one day to dress up and party like I lived in the Capitol. I couldn’t do it for longer because I’d feel guilty about those starving in 12. However a Capitol makeover, no girl could refuse!