I have only watched the first four episodes, but I have decided to write a quick mini review for the series so far. Admittedly it’s not the best TV show out there, but I quite enjoy it, despite all the bad reviews. To watch this series you really have to suspend disbelief, but it is something different and that’s refreshing. It’s not about vampires and werewolf’s or angsty teenagers or even worse angsty teenage vampires. I am really into apocalyptic books at the moment so it’s really interesting to watch an apocalyptic TV show.
The plot is action filled and attention grabbing. It keeps you hooked and before you know it the episode is over and you have to wait a week for the next one. The characters are not the most amazing but I must admit I did cry twice whilst watching the first two episodes. I’m a very emotional person! I find the random little bit of romance they had shoved in hilarious because apparently it’s illegal to have a TV show without romance.
Anyway that’s just a few of my quick thoughts after the first four episodes.
This was one of my reviews for the So Behind – Review-a-thon.