Top Ten Tuesday is a book meme ran by the Broke and Bookish and is great fun. If you don’t already, you should try it out.
1. The Fault in our Stars
I’m sure you all know why, I absolutely loved this book, however it was so heartbreakingly beautiful. I cried so much.
2. Allegiant
The ending! What was that? It was most definitely not okay. (TFIOS reference) Other than the ending, i just found I didn’t like this what as much as the others.
3. The City of Heavenly Fire
I was just sad to say goodbye to everyone in the TMI series. After 6 books I was pretty attached. And the bit with Simon. OMG! Plot twist and a half much?
4. Before I die
Another sad yet beautiful book about cancer. Even though I didn’t enjoy this as much as TFIOS, it was still really sad.
5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
So many deaths. I not only had my soul crushed into tiny pieces by all the deaths, I also had to say goodbye to Harry and his friends for the last time. There were many tears shed.
6. Mockingjay
Like the last Harry Potter, this book contained the deaths of much loved characters and made me say goodbye to Katniss, Peeta and everyone else.
7. Noughts and Crosses
I think this was the first book I read where one of the main characters died. I wasn’t expecting it and it really made me cry
8. Pushing the limits
I absolutely adores this book, but it did deal with some very difficult and emotional issues throughout, making it hard to read at times. The characters were great and really contributed to the overall greatness of the story.

Despite how hard some of these were to read, I would really recommend all of these books. Some of them are even my favourites.