Thank you so much to my lovely blogging buddy Gwenkate at GwenKate’s Library. Her blog is awesome, so if you haven’t already, go check it out!

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Ummm, seven facts. That’s tricky! I’m not the most interesting person…

1) My birthday is the 31st of December, New Year’s Eve! This is awesome in some ways and sucky in others. A bonus is that I’m always on holiday, however a negative is it means my birthday and Christmas aren’t spread out, so I receive all my books at one time.

2) If I was reincarnated as an ice cream flavour I think it would be Phish food, by Ben and Jerry’s. On the outside it is dark and quite simple, but on the inside it has unexpected swirls and chunks of goodness. I’m not the quiet nerd that I look like on the outside, I am a nerd yes, but I am sassy and loud.

3) I own 2 signed copies of books on my bookshelf., Heir of Fire By Sarah J. Maas and City of Heavenly Fire By Cassandra Clare. I love to proudly showcase them to my book lover friends.

4) I’m a really messy person you should see my room! My bookshelves were originally in alphabetical by author’s surname, but now have random piles of read and unread books on them. My desk is covered in books, papers and post it notes. I really should get more organised!

5) Shops I love (other than bookshops) include Paperchase, WH Smiths, Bath and Body Works, H & M, Hollister and Aero. I do love shopping with my friends in town, however I do a lot of my shopping online nowadays via Amazon, especially when it’s something I need.

6) I currently have glasses and braces (stereotypical nerd much?) I wear my glasses almost all the time, and I will need to continue to do so. I will have braces for two years or hopefully less!

7) I find it really difficult to come up with facts about myself!

This time I am not going nominate anyone as I have just done an award, but I am going to say every blog I follow deserves this award. So if I do follow you and you have yet to receive this award, count this as your nomination.