I must confess to not finishing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in French, though I will not admit to failing. Although I didn’t read the entire book, I did read 83 more pages of French than I would have read otherwise. As an excuse I must add that I did only discover this challenge in July, leaving me only 2 of the busiest months of year to read my book in.

Although I didn’t finish the book I did learn some interesting new words.

Muggles – Moldus

Hogwarts – Poudlard

The Dark Lord – Le Mage Noir

Wand – Baguette magique

Broom – Balai

Hogsmeade – Pré au Lard

The Knight Bus – Magicobus

Gryffindor – Gryffondor

Hufflepuff – Poufsouffle

Ravenclaw – Serdaigle

Slytherin – Serpentard

I think I will have to have another go next year, but start at the very beginning of the summer, meaning hopefully I might finish a book.