I absolutely love Wattpad. It gives me the opportunity to read books for free that have been written by aspiring authors. There are absolutely loads of books on there, and it’s really hard to find the good ones. So I thought I would recommend some of my favourite book.

This is a great book. When it gets published I will definitely be buying it (I say when, because it must get published at some point. It’s better than some published books I’ve read.) It is A Rose as Black as Your Heart.

After the death of her beloved father, 16 year old Alexis Rivera is sent to England to get over her sadness and turn into the sassy, sarcastic girl everyone knew, but didn’t exactly love. Once in England, the place where her brother Matt lives and where her father died, Alexis meets the scorchingly hot Daniel, who coaxes her back to her normal self with his teasing character and mysterious dark side.
While struggling to reign in her growing feelings for Daniel, Alexis begins to discover things about the town aren’t quite right; the mysterious hot boys (Daniel included), the terrified townsfolk, a collection of old dusty books she found miles away but that all seem to link to her…
And with the fact that she’s slowly falling in love Daniel and his mysterious dark edge, Alexis is in trouble.

OMG! I love this book. It is so different to other paranormal romances. Don’t worry, he’s not a werewolf or a vampire or something cliché like that. Alexis is amazing, she makes really makes me laugh.
I genuinely believe it would be worth it to get Wattpad just to read this one book. It’s free, so you should all give it a go.