This was an interesting book for me, because I have heard so many gushing reviews about this book, yet for the first 150 pages I was forcing myself to pick it up and read. Don’t get me wrong, after these first 150 or so pages the story really picked up and the book was quite good, but I really disliked the first 150 pages, they were so confusing and boring. I had to really push myself to keep reading. I have only read really good reviews, so I almost feel bad saying this.

This book was so different to any other YA book, you will ever read. I am big reader of paranormal romance and even I found so unique. It is so unusual. The paranormal aspects were realistic, there were no vampires or werewolves, instead a group of highly intuitive women with alight supernatural connections. The characters, were all absolutely awesome! I love Adam and Gansey and Ronan and Blue. They were great characters, they didn’t suffer from being really one dimensional, which tragically is a problem some authors have nowadays. The characters are complex, with pasts as well as presents. It was great to see male main characters that weren’t just the protagonist’s love interest. I loved each and every one of the Raven Boys, for different reasons.

But although I didn’t particularly enjoy the first part of the book, I will be being the next one. This ending left me with so many questions, such as:
What will Adam’s sacrifice mean for his future?
Will Gansey ever find Glendower?
Who is Blue’s dad?
What happened to Neeve?
What is going to happen with Noah?
What was with Ronan’s handwriting on the rock?