Thanks to Girl in the pages for reviewing this books so brilliantly. After reading her review and went and ordered it off Amazon, because it sounded like a book I would love. I had read the entire book less than a week after reading her review (bearing in mind that this time includes the time taken for it to be posted to me) I actually read the entire book in day.

I absolutely love Penryn. She is awesome, she is a strong badass female heroine who is sassy and determined. Her love for her sister rivals Katniss’. She does remind me of Katniss, with the sister she is determined to protect and a mother with a mental illness who she finds difficult to love at times in a world that is falling apart. However unlike Katniss she doesn’t worry about annoying love triangles and is easy to connect with on an emotional level.
I did like Raffe as well. His and Penryn’s relationship is great. There is no frustrating insta-love. They start off as enemies and over the course of the book begin to bond. Even at the end of the book, they haven’t announced their undying love and started planning their wedding, which is refreshing.
I also really the angels. If we’re all being honest, the angel genre is just not that great at the moment, and I hope Angelfall will help to turn the genre around. The angels in this book aren’t perfect, loving, peaceful creatures whose only purpose seems to be love the heroine. This angels are killers, they’re tough, ruthless and nitty gritty. They’re realistic.

Thinking of bad points is a really difficult for this book. The only negative I can think of is the same as Girl in the Page’s point. This book was a bit gorier than the books I usually read. I’m not a bit fan of horror or gore as I am a bit squeamish. Although saying that, the subtle horror elements did add to the world that Susan Ee has created.

I can’t wait to read the next book, although I can’t justify buying the next book quite yet as I have just bought a pile of books. I am hoping I will get to read it soon though.