I started reading this series because I saw the movie trailer and thought the movie looked good and of course I can’t watch the movie without having read the book. I had heard of this series before the movie as some of my friends were reading out, however I wasn’t bothered for reading it. I went straight away to my friend who had read the book series and asked to borrow them from her and thankfully she lent to me.

Now because I’m lazy and I read all the books in about a week meaning they have all kind of merged together in my head, I am going to review the all three books as a series instead of reviewing each individual book. In future, I will review each book of a series separately so don’t worry.

The good points about the trilogy were:
– It had an awesomely created dystopian world, which was much darker than the usual dystopian world. It was chilling and dark, yet realistic.
– The ending was realistic, they didn’t end up saving the world and sometimes that’s what happens. There can’t always be a happy ending and I like books like that. (I know I have mentioned this before.)
– I really liked some of the characters. Minho was my favourite, I absolutely loved him! He makes me laugh and is a realistic person. He would be a great friend.
– This book also keeps you guessing, you never know what is going to happen next. You don’t know who is the bad guy and who is the good guy.
– This book is not like other dystopias, there is no focus on romance like the Hunger Games or Divergent. Thomas’ biggest worry is whether or not he can trust her, not if he’s in love with her.
– And finally a book in a male point of view was really different and refreshing.

The bad points about the trilogy were :
– I wasn’t emotionally connected to all the characters so I wasn’t upset when some of them died.
– I didn’t like Teresa. She had the potential to be a really interesting character, however she just annoyed me. She seemed really two dimensional and didn’t have much of a personality. Teresa really let the rest of the characters down.